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TERA Tehnopolis Ltd. was registered in 2002 under the name TERA TEHNOPOLIS, a limited liability company for supporting new technologies, innovations and entrepreneurship, as a result of cooperation between Josip Juraj Strossmayer University, the city of Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County. The activities of TERA TEHNOPOLIS, a limited liability company for supporting new technologies, innovations and entrepreneurship, aim to connect science and economy and secure the infrastructural, financial and consulting support for innovative and technologically based projects.

  • The main task is developing a knowledge-based economy by using new and significantly improved existing technologies.
  • With the help of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and the local government, Tera Tehnopolis creates the conditions for a quick and successful transformation of research results and innovations into products that are competitive on the market and encourages international transfer and development of SMEs.
  • Areas of particular interest are biotechnology, environmental protection, information technology and projects which provide opportunities for business development to companies in the region.
  • Its mission is generated by incubating technology-based companies and by providing development and consulting services for the regional economy.


  • Developing a knowledge-based economy by using significantly improved existing technologies (products, services, processes and procedures with newly added value)
  • Commercialization of publicly funded research at the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer
  • Organisation and coordination of scientific research and development projects for the industry with the members of the University and other relevant institutions
  • Supporting regional development and retention of enterprising and skilled labour in the region
  • Business support for companies that entered the TERA Incubator and external companies
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As one of the business activities it carries, Tera Tehnopolis provides business support in all segments of business to existing and new clients. Business consulting conducted by TERA Tehnopolis is an activity where the trust of entrepreneurs and business consultants is of extreme importance. Numerous TERA clients can confirm that they offer professionalism, knowledge and experience. TERA Business Consulting enables personal development in various fields of activity and targets the individual potential of persons.

BE THE ROLE MODEL is an international exhibition of inventions and student business plans. Initially, the exhibition focused on innovators and students, but since 2008 a wide range of networking activities are organised with the help of the Europe Enterprise Network. Since its founding, over 1400 students have been trained as part of the exhibition in writing business plans.
Tera Tehnopolis also focuses on the implementation of international projects and thus brings clients closer to the international market. Since 2008, Tera Tehnopolis is implementing international projects, participating in various international and national trade fairs and partnering with technology development centres, chambers of commerce and science parks in over 15 countries.

TERA Entrepreneurial Incubator is an office space for SMEs starting or expanding their businesses. The 1200 m2 of space includes 18 offices, 12 working stations, a computer room, IT room, seminar room and smaller capacity meeting rooms, and a toilet. In addition to office space and contemporary office equipment, the tenants have at their disposal advisory and consulting support in the realisation of entrepreneurial ideas.

Market success is achieved through the implementation of new technologies and innovations. TERA Tehnopolis is a registered representative at the State Intellectual Property Office since 2005. Full support in the process of intellectual property protection is a part of their service.

TERA Tehnopolis aims to strengthen entrepreneurs’ awareness about the importance of intellectual property. So far, they have represented clients in more than 100 processes of protection. Entrepreneurs have to protect their patent, trademark and industrial design if they aim to realise their innovation and strengthen their competitive advantage. Case studies have shown that entrepreneurs have to be aware of the rights and obligations of intellectual property and invest in the protection of their brands too.

TERA Tehnopolis offers a rapid prototyping service by physically printing the subject in three dimensions with a 3D printer, based on a three-dimensional volumetric image. In recent years, the technology of rapid prototyping with computer-aided design (CAD) has become an essential engineering tool. The factors that stimulated a better development of this technology and its implementation in numerous areas of engineering practices are reduction of the time of product development encouraged through constant innovations and market struggle, greater complexity of products, the need for better models for a better assessment of shapes, dimensions, functionality control, and ergonomics.

Technology transfer is a process that involves the exchange, sale or transfer of technology in the broad sense (technological knowledge, processes, inventions) from the place of origin to future users. Technology Transfer Office (TTO) represents the relationship between the academic and business community, encourages research and expert work, and promotes the protection and commercialization of the findings of that work for the benefit of researchers, components and the University as a whole.

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