Company: TERA TEHNOPOLIS, limited liability company for promoting new technologies, innovations and entrepreneurship
Abbreviated name: TERA TEHNOPOLIS Ltd.
Headquarter: Square of Ljudevit Gaj 6, Osijek

Court of Record: Commercial Court in Osijek
Registration number of the entity under which the company is registered in the Commercial Court in Osijek: 030073690
PID: 39077073015

Amount of shared company capital: HRK 380.000,00 paid in full
Member of the Board of Directors of the Company: Professor Ivan Štefanić, PhD

Bank: Zagreb bank, JSC
Headquarter: Zagreb, Square of Ban Josip Jelačić 10
IBAN number: HR7323600001102456921
Phone: +385 (0)31 251 000
Fax: +385 (0)31 251 005

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