A programme designed for the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through business support

The most frequent forms of business support are resources, services and possibilities to connect with the incubator’s contact network. The incubators offer a safe environment where new ideas can become commercial products. The business incubator or the incubator is a component of the entrepreneurial infrastructure. A business incubator is a ‘suitable’ space where potential entrepreneurs start their businesses, or where MSMEs persist in theirs. The suitability of the space is reflected in favourable conditions of use, business consulting and other services offered to residents, and management help.

TERA Entrepreneurial Incubator is an office space for SMEs starting or expanding their businesses. The 1200 m2 of space includes 18 offices, 12 working stations, a computer room, IT room, seminar room and smaller capacity meeting rooms, and a toilet. In addition to office space and contemporary office equipment, the tenants have at their disposal advisory and consulting support in the realisation of entrepreneurial ideas.

Entrepreneurs, innovators and any natural persons looking to expand their knowledge-based enterprises with new technologies and innovations can become TERA Business Incubator’s tenants.

The tenants of the TERA Incubator can use the following services:

  • lease at minimal cost
  • contemporary office equipment
  • free Internet access
  • support in fair appearances
  • consulting and advisory support
  • legal support from a law firm
  • financial and accounting consulting
  • consulting in writing business plans and investment studies
  • support in writing project proposals

The working station is placed in a larger space shared by multiple lessees, referring to the concept of incubation with the following lease conditions:

  • lease at minimal cost
  • consulting in writing business plans and investment studies
  • support in writing project proposals

The task of a business incubator

The incubation of the tenants in the TERA Business Incubator is carried out through three programmes:

  1. The FOKUS programme is intended for young entrepreneurs looking to start their enterprises. For a period of up to 6 months, entrepreneurs can stay in the TERA Business Incubator according to privileged criteria, register their enterprise and start their entrepreneurial project. This privileged incubation programme is unique in Croatia.
  2. Leasing a working station is the newest concept of incubation for ‘one-man’ enterprises which have at their disposal a work desk, personal computer, telephone connection, and Internet access.
  3. After leaving the FOKUS programme, the candidates can continue their business under a fully-fledged tenancy to further strengthen their business with the support of the expert team of Tera Tehnopolis.

The task of the business incubator is to expand knowledge-based enterprises and apply new technologies and innovations in the economy to create new workplaces. The business incubator has been in business since 2003 after Tera Tehnopolis relocated to a newly restored ex barrack ‘Gaj’ on the Square of Ljudevit Gaj 6.

Other services at disposal for tenants are infrastructural logistics, such as seminar room, informatics lab, photocopying, faxing, spiral binding, and more. The longest period of incubation is five years, after which companies operate on the market independently.



    The FOKUS programme allows preincubation in the TERA Business Incubator. The TERA Preincubator incorporates 12 working stations assigned to beginner entrepreneurs who are still registering or have just registered their company.

    The lease of the working station features the use of a work desk, chair and file cabinet, as well as a personal computer, Internet and telephone connection with a PIN code. Working stations are situated in a sizable space shared by multiple lessees, allowing the possibility to vastly increase the incubation capacity. The workstation lessees can use other business infrastructure. This programme typically lasts six months.

  • StudOS – Student Entrepreneurial Incubator

    The establishment of the Student Entrepreneurial Incubator StudOS resulted from many years of work with students (since 2005) with the intent to encourage entrepreneurial activities among students through education. This project aims to secure the infrastructure for students and recent graduates who will through education and the use of business space be provided with prerequisites for starting entrepreneurial activities and self-employment in the Student Entrepreneurial Incubator. Students and recent graduates are given the opportunity of six months of free development of entrepreneurial ideas within the Student Entrepreneurial Incubator StudOS.


    The incubation programme allows tenants to fully develop their business ideas and market, and on completion of the incubation, tenants are expected to have a degree of independence that allows them to survive on the market. The fully-fledged incubation of tenants lasts for up to five years, after which the entrepreneurs are expected to enter the market independently.


    In addition to the incubation programme designed for entrepreneurs, TERA has an incubation programme designed for partner institutions whose stay in the incubator has a synergistic effect on the tenants. Currently, the incubator has two anchor tenants, the regional offices of the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) and the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP). According to the contract, both institutions are obliged to deliver consulting services to tenants of the incubators, free of charge. Beyond that, frequent organisation of seminars and numerous consultations with TERA lead to a significant number of visitors from the target group and thus successfully promotes their work.


TERA Tehnopolis operates at the Square of Ljudevit Gaj 6, in the very centre of Osijek. The building was built in the early 19th century and is a conservation area. TERA Tehnopolis invests considerable funds in contemporary office and audio-visual equipment that tenants and clients can rent to develop and promote knowledge-based projects.

The conference hall has 30 seats. It is fully equipped for all types of video conferences, simultaneous interpretation and wireless Internet access. 12 computers with licensed Microsoft operating systems are available for entrepreneurial tenants and students who are not yet able to purchase their equipment to facilitate starting a business.

They can also use the services of fax sending, photocopying, online printing and scanning, and a machine for paper cutting, spiral binding and lamination.

  • Seminar room: 30 seats for meetings, conferences, lectures, events
  • Incubator: StudOS (10 working stations), 2 hot desks, 18 offices
  • System for simultaneous interpretation
  • Video-conference system
  • Office appliance (printer, copy machine, scanner, binding machine, paper cutter, fax machine)
  • SIP-telephony
  • Internet access
  • Computers and computer equipment with Microsoft operating system
  • 3D printer (*)
  • 3D scanning

(*) 3D printer – prototyping equipment with 3D printing technology is an essential phase in the process of development and commercialisation of innovations and stimulation of development of high-tech-oriented entrepreneurs. It allows the development of the idea to be completed, but at the same time, it is a substantial aspect in the sale of the licence and whole project. A completely functional prototype demonstrates to the investor the potentiality of the innovation or technology that they buy and also verifies the quality of the client as a supplier of a complete solution, not just a concept of questionable feasibility. Tera offers prototyping to their clients based on 3D printing technology that in 2008 expanded to die-cast models made of plastic mass in silicone moulds. In addition, they make complex electromechanical assemblies.

During the preincubation phase (StudOS), use the software packages for education, and later for business purposes.

  • Specialized software: Photoshop, Visual Studio, AutoCAD
  • Mini ERP
    The Mini ERP programme solution is suitable for centralising business activities. It enables the issuing of quotes and invoices, contains an advanced text editor with the possibility of creating multiple variants of documents and professional office documents. The Mini ERP software solution is on the Cloud (cloud computing) so it can be used from any fixed or mobile location (home, car, business trip).
  • Business simulation
    In the simulation, you and your team take on the role of a founder of a new company. You plan to start a small business. During the simulation, you are involved in the entire process of starting such a business venture: from presenting your business idea, writing a business plan, entering the market and operating in the market. You should start collecting the data indispensable to developing a business plan. There is also a business plan writing assistant at your disposal, who is ready to guide you through every step. The main objective in this phase is to learn more about the indispensable elements of a business plan and how to formulate and calculate your planned values. A business plan written as such influences the course of the simulation. The instructors use your plan to base their decision if they will grant the loan or are they prepared to invest in your company. After the instructor approves your business plan, you can establish your company and enter the market. During the six periods in which you will run your company, you will make all the important executive decisions with a broader economic context. There are up to four competing companies on the virtual market. Computer simulation processes your decisions and simulates the competition. After each decision round, the reports reveal the effectiveness of your decisions. This method allows you to learn and practice implementing tools for data management and understanding their bonds. You will learn that the virtual market in which your company operates is a complex system that is inevitably faced with conflicting aims in need of coordination.


Service packages are defined individually, based on the needs of clients.

The service package lasting up to 6 months includes 30 hours of business consulting and the following services:

  • Defining a business model
  • Business plan training
  • Consulting services
  • Financial consulting
  • Business and legal consulting
  • Market research Centre’s resources
  • Prototyping products
  • Preparation of project documentation for tenders
  • Networking
  • Monitoring
  • FOKUS tools for efficient business (interactive business plan template, interactive business analysis template, contract forms)

The service package lasting up to 12 months includes 75 hours of business consulting and the following services:

  • Business plan evaluation
  • Defining the strategy of development and advancement of the existing business plan
  • Consulting services
  • Financial consulting
  • Business and legal consulting
  • Monitoring
  • Market research in collaboration with a partnering institution
  • Specialised tenant training and education
  • Fair appearances of tenants
  • Connecting with partners
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Visual identity design
  • Website design
  • Preparation of project documentation for tenders


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