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Tera Tehnopolis Ltd. offers the following services:

  • Representation in the process of intellectual property protection at the State Intellectual Property Office
  • The commercialisation of publicly funded research of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University
  • Incubation in the TERA Business Incubator

TERA Entrepreneurial Incubator is an office space for SMEs starting or expanding their businesses. The 1200 m2 of space includes 18 offices, 12 working stations, a computer room, IT room, seminar room and smaller capacity meeting rooms, and a toilet. In addition to office space and contemporary office equipment, the tenants have at their disposal advisory and consulting support in the realisation of entrepreneurial ideas.

Entrepreneurs, innovators and any natural persons looking to expand their knowledge-based enterprises with new technologies and innovations can become TERA Business Incubator’s tenants.

The tenants of the TERA Incubator can use the following services:

  • lease at minimal cost
  • contemporary office equipment
  • free Internet access
  • support in fair appearances
  • consulting and advisory support
  • legal support from a law firm
  • financial and accounting consulting
  • consulting in writing business plans and investment studies
  • support in writing project proposals

The working station is placed in a larger space shared by multiple lessees, referring to the concept of incubation with the following lease conditions:

  • use of work desk, chair and file cabinet.
  • use of a personal computer.
  • connection to telephone and intranet/Internet infrastructure.

FOKUS is a preincubation programme is intended for natural persons who do not have a registered company or craft and want to realise their entrepreneurial idea based on innovation and new technologies. The FOKUS programme allows incubation for a limited time of up to 6 months. During that period, candidates aim to test their entrepreneurial idea and its marketing possibilities, create a business plan, register their enterprise and conduct a business. After meeting predefined conditions, they can enter the business incubator for five years.

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