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The Technology Transfer Office commercialises the intellectual property of the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer of Osijek and strengthens the link between the University and the economy. In 2015, with the help of HAMAG-BICRO and The World Bank, TERA became a regional office for the execution of the TTO Programme – Support for technology transfer offices, which finances merchandising of scientific research results.

These funds are available to researchers of the University who want to merchandise their products/services developed with the help of research projects. In addition, TERA is a recognised centre for the implementation of the Proof of Concept programme (PoC).


UTT Newsletter Sveučilišta J. J. Strossmayera u Osijeku


  • Commercialisation of scientific research findings
  • UTT Newsletter – we have been publishing a yearly e-newsletter since 2013

Croatia – Traditionally Innovative“ – brochure review – a published success story about the researchers from the University of Osijek, for the innovation ‘Sense – Smart Temperature Measurement’.

Throughout history, Croatia has invented many innovations that have achieved great market success for the benefit of other world economies. Now is the time for Croatia to finally use this innovative and creative potential for its economic development.

The term “innovation” is used to describe a variety of phenomena, from scientific discoveries to simply “thinking outside the box”, which are accomplished by applying creative solutions. Innovation entails the implementation of a new or significantly improved product, service, process, marketing or organizational method within an existing business process, work organisation or other types of the contractual relationship. OECD (Oslo Manual, third edition) identifies four types of innovation in companies: product innovation, process innovation (technological innovation), marketing innovation and organisational innovation (non-technological innovation). It should be noted that innovations can have different degrees of novelty. An innovation may not be new to the world, but it can be on the market, in a sector or just new to the company/institution.

Enterprise Europe Network – EEN

It was created as an initiative by the European Commission to support SMEs in creating preconditions for expanding their business on the European market, placing their product/service or transferring technology from abroad.

The Network has more than 4000 associates and consists of 3 components of supporting activities for entrepreneurs. In the frame of this complex network, scientists and innovators from Eastern Croatia can offer their innovations, knowledge and experience to international markets with the help of TERA, a technology development centre. Economists can also acquire new technologies from across the EU. In addition to TERA, EEN Croatia constitutes other regional partners: Techpark Varaždin covers North-Western Croatia, Porin Rijeka covers Istria and coastal area, Technology Transfer Office in Split covers Dalmatia, and HAMAG – BICRO coordinator of technology transfer activities, covers the City of Zagreb and central Croatia.

The initiative for the establishment of this Network and the inclusion of Croatia in the EU project was constituted by the HGK, as the coordinator of the Network. The EEN network represents the most important supporting structure in Europe. It is based on the concept of a ‘one-stop shop’ and is available to entrepreneurs free of charge.

Some of the services you can use under the EEN are the following:

  • Information on the supply and demand of products/services in the domestic and EU market
  • Connecting with a network of consultants and researchers from different fields of science
  • Identifying partners interested in technology transfer
  • Legal and consulting support in negotiating activities
  • Services for the protection of industrial property and interests of entrepreneurs in the process of technology transfer
  • Support in the preparation of project applications for EU funding

The area of international technology transfer

Contribution and participation in the EEN have allowed Tera Tehnopolis to make all activities carried out in the field of technology transfer at the local level available for international technology transfer.

For additional information about the project, you can contact the Register office of Tera Tehnopolis in Osijek, Croatian Chamber of Economy or other regional centres, depending on your region, where you will be referred to about the supporting services available to entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists.

European Commission initiated a web-portal Access2Markets to help SMEs in executing their marketing activities outside the European Union. Access2Markets contains all necessary information about fees, taxes and regulations of products and requirements for all EU countries and over 120 worldwide markets. The portal is intended for enterprises on international markets and those just beginning to explore opportunities in foreign markets.

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