Filippo is a student from Italy, who along with his mother, runs their start-up ALTER EGO al Tuo Servizio. It is an agency for the dispatch of administrative practices and the service of commercial reception office in outsourcing, for professionals, factories and individuals subjects. Filippo had acquired a considerable experience in ICT sector, but he still needed experience in running a successful company. For that reason he applied for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, where he found Milan, ICT expert from Croatia, who wanted to share his knowledge with new minds and ideas. Milan wanted to experience something new, have a fresh overview on the market from abroad and in general experience Erasmus as a program.

In Ofir, Filippo worked closely with Milan and his colleagues. Within hardware department Filippo was led through hardware and networking actions, field tasks, hardware problem detection, support and repair. Also, he met security issues in computer network and malware/virus detection on desktop PCs. Web development team took care for the basics (FTP, phpMyadmin, security permissions…), PHP frameworks (Magento, WordPress, editing, fixing and problem solving) and basic tasks in PHP connected with MySQL. Marketing department worked with Filippo on couple of advertising campaigns where he was able to see all details and communication needed in order to have a fruitful social network ad.

Filippo has meet business and organizational processes of IT company. He found out what are exact skills needed in order to establish IT company and find needed clients. During Filippo’s stay Ofir team introduced him with all levels of the company as well as with all standard client requests. He made an effort to actively participate in couple projects and contribute to it while developing his skill set. Language barrier took some of the possibilities for Filippo to participate even more however it is general opinion that in this case both sides can be happy with this relationship.

„The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a great project for everyone who has a business idea. In my case I went to Croatia in Ofir d.o.o. company and I improved my IT skills in hardware and developing websites for my Italian start up. I strongly suggest everyone to participate.“, Filippo said.

„Maybe most important thing is a “feeling” about how business is working and what are everyday challenges with clients – their computer equipment, network or web solutions. His experience in mentioned web development tasks gave him an opportunity to check how it works as well as to learn new skills in that field.“, Milan said.    


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