Lana is a entrepreneur from Croatia who owns a company LGV which is specialized in strategic consulting. She already posessed substantial knowledge in running a company, but she still wanted to learn more on how to run a business, define an appropriate marketing & management strategy and communication plans for her new business, as well how to handle the intellectual property. Lana discovered Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, where she found Nikola and his company Airworx. It is a company from Novi Sad that utilizes unmanned technology in order to provide clients with unique aerial perspective, implementing unmanned radio controlled aircraft for video production, mapping, inspection and research purposes.

In Serbia, Lana was learning the situation in the ongoing projects, and through different projects worked with the current clients and partners, as well as business correspondence and how to make a national and international client research for the existing projects of the mentor and create a database based on the research. Nikola introduced her with the management of the company especially in the way of flexible leadership, and in the constant innovation process as well as business intellectual property. Lana also conducted analysis of the marketing plan familiarized herself with the existing marketing, sales and business tools implemented by Nikola. Based on the analysis she defined recommendations for improvement and in accordance with Nikola she improved the online presentation of his company and its services and products.

This program provided much needed experience for both Lana and her mentor Nikola. Lana learned how to develop her business plan, especially marketing plan for her business, and through the participation in Nikola’s daily activities, gained knowledge on how to successfully manage her business and expand her knowledge on running  a business. She also got familiarized with the international market and learned how to successful communicate with partners over new communication channels. On the other hand, Nikola created new value of his business, by working with new minds and ideas that can only benefit his business. His company is now much more recognized as a socially focused company, and flexible to new markets in the EU.

“As a new entrepreneur, I extremely liked what the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program provides, especially the convenience of training in a small company like mine, or abroad in a participating country. The program keeps young entrepreneurs informed, while entrepreneurs who have created value in the market encourages to share knowledge and experience.”, Lana said.

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