Business can literally blossom!

Kim is a student on Agricultural faculty in Croatia with interests in pelargonium breading. He would like to become an entrepreneur after graduation and continue with the family tradition of growing plants. He already participated in the Erasmus+ Programme for students and he decided to participated in this Programme, too. He found Joerg, an entrepreneur from Germany, with a lot of experience in plants production. He wanted to learn more about flower breading and production and Joergs company was the perfect place to achieve this goal.

In Germany, Kim worked on pollination and breading of pelargonium, impatiens, angelonia and petunia. Joerg taught him how to manage the production to get enough cuttings for his customers. He introduced him in the laboratory work like in vitro reproduction. Kim also transfered his know-how learned on faculty to Joerg. His company will now be even more successful.

The experience and knowledge that Kim acquired during the exchange will help him in his future business. He learned how to bread pelargonium and other species and how to manage plant production, mother plant production and cuttings production. Also, with this new know-how he improved his business plan and won the second place on International exposition of innovations and the competition in writing students business plans – Be The Role Model. Now, he is more confident to start his own company. He plans to do that soon after completing of the writing of thesis. During the exchange, Joerg expand his knowledge and he was glad to had a chance to share his experience with a young and motivated person. This opportunity was the start of a new relationship between two plant enthusiasts. Indeed, the business can blossom!

˝This company is engaged in growing plants business for 125 years and has the most famous world varieties. Simply, I learned from the best!˝, Kim said.


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