In EYE for third time!

Matija is an entrepreneur with experience in the new media and culture field, especially cultural management. Guided with good past experience with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, he decided to participated in the Programme for the third time! He contacted Jelena, a young independent artist who wants to start small art business. Jelena needs advices and help for her business and Matija is perfect person to help her. His art gallery is the place where Jelena expected to learn and acquire the necessary skills. The gallery is also a place which requires a lot of creativity and with Jelena’s innovative and fresh ideas Matija could benefit his business.

During the exchange, Matija taught Jelena how to organize an exhibition from concept phase to the opening. They successfully set-up the exhibition of Mladen Stropnik. Matija also integrated her in current projects. Together, they wrote project for the competition announced by Croatian Ministry of culture. They exchanged experiences related to promotion activities. Jelena helped Matija to start a cooperation with kindergarten, elementary school from Vodnjan, and High Art school from Pula.

˝I think that the Programme is very good, useful and stimulating for the young people who start their first business and also for the well-established and successful entrepreneurs.”, Matija said.

During her stay in Croatia, Jelena learned how to manage an art exhibition. She developed communication skills and competences in social media marketing. Now, she is ready to start her own business in art field. With Jelena’s ideas and help, Matija improved the visibility of his gallery both at the local and at the international level. Also, he got a lot of new ideas for future projects.

˝My impression about the Programme is great. I learned a lot, and broadened my horizons. The Programme will help me a lot in opening my future company. I would recommend everyone to try this kind of exchange, because I had a truly useful and beautiful experience.˝, Jelena said.


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