New techniques of therapy

Lada is a physiotherapist and Thai massage therapist and her goal is to open a studio that offers a combination of both fields. Having that in mind, she found her host entrepreneur Jorgen who is also a therapist and works with athletes in nutrition, as well as kinesitherapy. Lada signed up to go on Erasmus for entrepreneurs because she wanted to perfect her skills and learn new ways of running a business. Since she had relatives in Netherlands, Lada decided to try to find her host entrepreneur there, and the rest is history. The first challenge she encountered was that there was no compatibile Host entrenpreneur in database, so she went to look by herself. The reason she signed up for this program was to acquire working experience in a foreign country and that by following the example of someone’s working model she learn other ways of doing things, to perfect her entrepreneurial skills and to encourage herself to start her business. She already had several years of experience, but she wanted to learn more, and Erasmus for young entrepreneurs was the perfect program to do so. Lada was also interested in foreign markets and how to compare them with croatian, in learning marketing and administration, to offer her products in an unknown market, and to learn from colleagues with similiar interets. On the other side, Jorgen Welsink from Netherlands joined the program as Host entrepreneur where he wanted to pay his knowledge forward and to help a entrepreneur to get to the next level in establishing his/her company.

Doing her stay, Lada worked on several fields of therapy and has learned new techniques. Besides therapy, and what was essential for a new entrepreneur, she also worked on marketing and publicity, and all the things needed to succesfully run a business. Jorgen and Lada also worked together on the promotion of Lada’s live Events. She also held two live events in English and wrote several releases and leaflets. Host taught her, and Lada also him about her knowledge in manual labor.

Benefits for both entrepreneurs were significant. By participating in Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, Lada has gained significant experience. She learned how to organise everyday tasks, perfected her English and learned how to present herself to the foreign market. This program gave her the knowledge, but more importantly the confidence and awareness of the work that needs to be constantly perfected and improved. Also, doing business with someone who has much more experience is only a benefit. She brought an additional incentive for Jorgen’s company, in the way of organization, planning and marketing. On the other hand, Jorgen learned new ways and recieved fresh ideas for his business. Their cooperation showed that the cultural differences can only help people to share ideas and cooperate on a whole new level. This cooperation will benefit both entrpreneurs to start/expand their business and to become better in their jobs.

˝Co-operation and partnership in business like this one provides dynamics and encourages a person to move forward. All that is easier when you have someone on whom you can rely on and who has the knowledge you do not possess.˝, Lada said.


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