Success through networking

Marko is planning to start a website that would connect foreign glampers and everything they like that can be seen, experienced and visited in Croatia. This way he would create an industry niche in Croatia that is curently not exposed enough. Because of that, Marko wanted to learn more about tourist industry in the field of marketing (exposure, storytelling, presentation) by learning from an experienced entrepreneur. He decided to participate in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program where he found Vedran, an experienced entrepreneur from London who, after years of running his own business, wanted to give back and pass his knowledge to young entrepreneurs looking for help in starting their own business.

Marko worked on many different types of projects in Vedran’s company like studying the situation of the current projects and the business models. He also conducted Market research, networking, marketing strategy and even implementation of the strategy itself, gathered valuable information from Vedran’s partners and other sources in order to develop a customer profile of the Vedran’s audience. Also, Marko was working on implementing and testing the new marketing strategy and work on the necessary changes in order for it to work. His last tasks inlcuded the development of the new system for managing freelancers and making it as good as possible in order for it to be  ustainable, changeable, flexible and be able to respond with markets needs and situation.

Marko and Vedran worked together during Marko’s programme where Marko learned a lot about Vedran’s business, understood the potential multipliers, channels, influencers and language inside UK’s tourist market through the work on actual projects. That opportunity gave him a great platform to start his own business back in Croatia to establish important connections and channels to communicate his business. Marko also learned how to manage an ever-changing team of freelancers, which are not usual employees and require a different mentality set from their team leader in order to perform on the highest level. On the other hand, Vedran gained valuable and „fresh“ ideas on developing his own business by working with a young entrepreneur who helped him proper way to grow in his market. All this ideas gave both entrepreneurs much needed help to start/run their businesses.


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