You helped me and I will help other entrepreneurs

Darija is the head of Center for Entrepreneurship Osijek which strongly supports the development of new entrepreneurs and that was her main motivation to participate in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. She wanted to meet and collaborate with young and ambitious professional who sees its future development through entrepreneurship.

In the neighboring country, Goran has just founded Centre for Development of Education ˝Know-how˝ to help students to engage in business in specific professional, business organizations. He wanted to learn more about this type of business so he decided to participated in the programme. He expected to participated in a particular project from its development to completion during Erasmus exchange so that he could independently manage projects in the future. Because of similar interests, after she was contacted by Goran, Darija knew that they will have a successful cooperation.

After the introduction to the team and company, Darija helped Goran to get an insight in how companies and market are functioning in the EU. As Goran wished, they worked together on new project about education of high school students about entrepreneurship. They had elaborate new trainig programme for high school students and they develop that same programme for commercial purpose.

After 5 months in Croatia, Goran got first-hand knowledge about business start-up in a wide range of areas such as: marketing, sales, promotion, customer relations, etc. That will ease the start of his business in Serbia. Now he is sure that the enterpreneurship is his future profession and he is ready to help students to become an entrepreneurs, too.

˝Personally, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs has helped me a lot, but not as I hoped. When I saw that life and problems of entrepreneurs are similar in other countries and markets, that  was the biggest motivator for me as a entrepreneur in my country.˝, Goran said.

At the same time, Darija got an exchange of ideas. Goran contribute to her business with new skills and knowledge. They established many new contacts that can be used for finding business partners in the future.

˝Participation in Erasmus project as host entrepreneur was new and positive experience that has enriched our organization. Connections that new entrepreneur established with Serbian organizations created new partnership opportunities for our organization.˝, Darija said.


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